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National Campaign and DACA

Immigrant Students Get Relief

President Obama issued an order to stop deportation of students. Now these who entered the U.S. undocumented before turning 16 can apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA allows these young adults ages 15-30 who have a high school diploma, are current students, or have their GED to apply for Deferred Action. They may also receive an employment authorization document so they can work and go to school for a period of two years. This is not the DREAM Act and has no pathway to residency or citizenship, but it gives some relief to students for the time being.

We have received this small piece of relief, but that does not mean are fight is over. We need to continue to fight for the DREAM Act a better, bigger, and permanent version of what we have just received, as well as comprehensive immigration reform here in the United States.

Students are the future of the United States. Documented, undocumented, and citizen students are the ones that will keep contributing to our economy and bring it back up from where it is now. Our students are the future and it starts with a small step. Thanks to this order our undocumented students get to contribute more, at least until something more permanent is reached!


National Campaigns

Sunflower is part of  a national organization, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), a national coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.

FIRM is led by the Immigrant Organizing Committee, a group of 30 organizations from across the country committed to immigrant rights.

Once the  Obama Administration announced that it would offer many DREAM Act-eligible individuals protection from deportation. FIRM affiliates took action! As the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) began accepting applications, public education workshops and meetings Began at Sunflower and  nationwide to make the process as easy as possible for DREAMERS.

This announcement marked an important victory for DREAM students and the broader immigrant rights movement, and was the result of extensive organizing done by immigrant rights organizations over the last year.

Tens of thousands of young DREAM students began applying for the “Deferred Action” policy so they can work and live in the United States for up to two years without fear of deportation.

No matter who wins the White House on election day, Sunflower will continue to fight for family unity and a comprehensive reform of immigration policy.

Mayron Payes, coordinator for the national campaign will be in our office for a national strategy meeting.  We are also holding workshops for our members by appointment to help out with the deferred action process.