Taking action for racial and economic equity.

Ban The Box

Finding a job is one of the biggest barriers for people with criminal convictions. People with felony convictions are more likely to be denied employment than those with no felony record.  At the same time, people with a criminal history are much less likely to recommit crimes when they are employed.

It is a “catch-22″ that is affecting not just the individuals who have “paid the price and done their time”, but also the families, neighborhoods and businesses in the communities they return home to.

“Ban the Box” is a campaign asking our local employers to simply remove the “box” on initial job application forms that asks “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” Removing this box still allows employers to ask about criminal history in an interview, but also gives everyone an opportunity to compete for jobs they qualify for.

If families of formerly incarcerated are going to heal, prosper and contribute to our community, EVERYONE must have an opportunity for employment, housing and education. Employment is one of the most effective tools to reduce recidivism-returning to prison, resulting in a safer community and lower cost to tax payers.