Taking action for racial and economic equity.

Justice for Immigrants

Everyone deserves dignity and opportunities to create a safe, secure life for themselves and their families. All of us, recent immigrants or fourth generation Americans, have a right to be paid for our work, educate our children, and have our fundamental rights respected. Some politicians use fear of immigrants to divide us, which is just as wrong. This mistreatment of immigrants must be opposed, for the long term health of our communities!

Sunflower Community Action believes that diversity is a strength that will carry our state to a successful future. Immigrants make important contributions to vibrant communities and a growing Kansas economy.

What We’ve Done 

  • Organized weekly community immigration clinics that educate people about their rights when navigating prosecutorial discretion in immigration courts.
  • Worked locally and nationally to fix our broken immigration system and improve educational opportunities.
  • Launched a statewide campaign to promote the positive contributions immigrants bring to Kansas.


The United States is the nation that it is because of immigrant contributions! The country was founded by foreign-born immigrants, and it continues to benefit economically, politically, and socially from immigration. Recognizing what immigrants give to this country is one step closer to accepting diversity. To promote this diversity we have launched “I am Kansas”, a statewide initiative to combat racism and increase cultural acceptance. This project seeks to help Kansans understand how immigrants positively contribute to our state. We want to create a state that cares more about how we can all move forward together, rather than who we can exclude. “I Am Kansas” is a response to the backward thinking that separates us. It is an effort to create a Kansas community where hard work, dignity, equal opportunity, and family come first. Together we can be forward, and make Kansas a better state for our future generations.

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