Sunflower Community Action

OSHA 10 Training

This summer was a busy time here at Sunflower! Every Monday we helped workers fill out their complaints about wage theft, worker compensation, and other labor disputes at 1407 N. Topeka, at the corner of 13th and Topeka, from 5 to 7pm. We are working together with the faith community and some labor unions to form a strong structure for the Sunflower Worker Center. The number of workers being abused and filing complaints has increased tremendously and we need help from our members as volunteers. 

Numerous members of  Sunflower participated in a training on safe work environment and how to protect your life at work. This training was given completely in Spanish for the first time by OSHA, and now these workers will be able train others since they were certified that day.

Congratulations to:  Pastor Víctor Galindo, Bryan Lopez, Amador León, Francisco Rangel, José Rodríguez, Salvador Macial, Guadalupe Magdaleno for your participation and achievement.

Upcoming Events :

We will have the Mexican consulate here in Wichita. Remember that they only see people with appointments. Start calling them to set up your appointment. We never know the exact date the appointment line will be open, but normally it is within 2 weeks prior to their arrival. To make an appointment with the consulate you must make it with them directly.