Taking action for racial and economic equity.

The Best Has Yet to Come

Dear Friends,


A very successful year for Sunflower Community Action.  We continue to take actions on the issues that affect the lives of our 1,300 members; members who come from the black, brown and progressive white communities of Kansas.
Here are just a few of our accomplishments.


  • $500,000 dollars in stolen wages were recovered by Kansas workers, putting money back into our local economy.
  • 1000 people were moved to action in ways that improved lives, homes and communities.
  • 700 suspended voters were contacted and organized  for action to reform exclusionary voting regulations.
  • 2,000 immigrants were engaged in creating a pathway to to citizenship.

These victories by Sunflower’s enthusiastic members strengthen our resolve to look forward; restore cuts to  K-12 education, push for quality jobs, overturn  draconian voting restrictions, and stop the horrific separation of families.  We would like to share our plans with you, so that together we can create a Kansas that works for everyone. Here are some highlights of what’s coming:

  • Sunflower’s Worker Justice Center will double its outreach, recovering stolen wages, educating employees about their rights, working with regulators to ensure workplace safety and connecting workers with social service providers.
  • Organize Latino and African American workers to win quality jobs for Wichita.
  • Continue to listen to the concerns and aspirations of Kansans of all races, standing with them as they take action on issues that matter to them.
  • Make the homes of 100 low income households more energy efficient in partnering with the Sierra Club.
  • Engage the 100,000 non-voting black and brown registered voters who will be encouraged to stop standing on the sidelines while families are torn apart by policies that favor corporations and not people.

At Sunflower, we’re all about bringing together the power of people to make change, and we are looking forward to changing Kansas for the better! The time to make the shift to a state that puts people first begins for us! We would like to have a conversation with you about these plans and ask for your support. Please tell us a time and place that would be convenient for you.